Staffing, Payroll and Recruitment Services
GIST is trusted partner for your all Staffing, Payroll, and Talent Acquisition needs. Our teams are exceptionally trained on multi dimensional HR Services and poses expertise in domestic hiring across India. We are dedicated towards unleashing the potential of an organization by assisting them with right of HR services and connecting them with candidates of experience, quality and productivity. We act as a catalyst between companies and  human potential.
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Corporate Training Services

Wegroom CURIOUS innovators, PASSIONATE learners, CREATIVE strategists and COURAGEOUS risk-takers through carefully designed global learning experiences and a team of 100+ experienced trainers across India. We customize our training programs based on client needs and deliver both onsite and inhouse sessions.

Management Consulting
We help companies achieve their biz goals by enabling them to effectively strategies, plan, meet their short term goals towards Corporate Activation, HR, Sales and Channel Management while at the same time helping them build the competencies and capabilities to fulfill their long term company vision.

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